Ariana Masselou


After many years of experience in the cinema industry as a successful marketer, my love for the nature and the art of taiji (study since 2000) overcame, and I moved to a small rural village in Andros, the greenest Cycladic island, with its magic energy! Since 2008, my way of life is changing as I am getting familiar with the power of the nature, understunding the meaning of staying "rooted" and grounded.
As hiking was my hobby since I was studied in France, I explored and still exploring inch by inch the andriotic land, wandering the old routes, discovering and "feeling" this peculiar countryside, studied the history and the culture through books anόd getting closer to the locals. I let myself in the practice of Taiji and Qigong, these Chinese arts that beseem so much with the natural way of life.
Today, I have my own classes at the island, with new students every year, while I still follow my instructor (since 2004) Lydia Tyllianaki, at the New Smyrni's Tai Chi Chuan Center, and attend consistently every workshop given in Greece, from her or other foreign qi gong instructors. Since 2005, I join in all of the workshops given in Greece, from Master Alex Dong and try to travel and participate at his workshops in Europe.
From 2009 I manage three studios "Rania Studios" at Ormos at Korthi Village where I live, offering alternative vacations to visitors, combine pleasant stay, bio food from our small biological garden and outdoor activities such as hikes, or taiji and qigong lessons.
In 2011 with some friends with the same approach towards life, we decided to make up a team that would introduce the "alternative" Andros to travelers and each one of us
My aim is to offer real alternative tourism services, with activities that animate and enrich with new experiences the mind, body and soul of the visitor!
I speak French, English, I worship the God Sun, and I live with 11 cats.....
Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished Lao Tzu

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