Assimina Kouris

assimina-kourisLife is an adventure ... so I live my life by trying something new every day ... That's why I have so many interests!
I am an alternative healer, musician and a kindergarten teacher. And I have also studied herbs, biodynamic farming and cooking! I like to discover old recipes from my grandmother's old notebooks, and exploit the produce from my small plot in Kochilou by turning food into medicine ...

I moved permanently to Andros because of my need to live within nature and my desire to connect more with mother earth and my ancestors. I always get carried away observing everything around me favoring the changing of the seasons... I often go on long walks with my dog Tuheros (Lucky) in the wonderful paths of Andros enjoying the variety of wild herbs that grow around us in the natural pharmacy that nature shares with us....

In this peaceful environment, I find it easier to relax and it's perfect for my healing practices ... We are so unique, each and every one of us that we owe it to ourselves, to take care of us...
With respect to the world of which we are a part ...
I look forward to meeting you and together discovering this beautiful island...

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