Caroline Cunliffe

caroline-cunliffeI begun practising yoga in 1999 as I was drawn to the wisdom teachings of the East. Although I was working in the area of human rights and felt committed to this work, I was experiencing an ever growing sense of inner relief and freedom through yoga and my travels to India. I very naturally transferred all my energy into the practice. In the hope of benefiting others, I decided to share my understanding of the teachings, which were proving to be of such great benefit to me. I begun teaching in 2008 and ran a quiet yoga studio in the center of Athens for 7 years.

I am very grateful for all the wise beings that have guided me – and continue to do so - along my path. I feel privileged to have studied with many wonderful teachers including Venkatesh, Richard Freeman, Sarah Powers, Nicky Knoff, Emil Wendel, Angela Farmer, Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, Paddy McGrath, and Diane Long, to whom I have been most committed during the past 10 years. My asana practice has grown in depth particularly through the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli, as taught by Diane Long. I have learnt to work in a more receptive way, listening to the wisdom of the body rather than imposing my will on the body - Practising with attention and ease, removing tension while creating more space in the body and mind. This is the practice that I like to share with others.

But beyond the asana, it is through my time spent in India, in combination with the meditation retreats that I have sat through, that I feel I have been granted a tiny glimpse of the essence of yoga. My meditation practice has mostly revolved around the Theravada Buddhist teachings, while enjoying the gentleness and simplicity of the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh. In the last years, my spiritual journey has led me to Chandra Swami Udasin, opening up a more heartfelt connection with Oneness…

At present, my main teacher is my young son, who continuously brings me back to the present moment demanding my full and patient attention.
I have recently moved to Andros with my partner and son with a desire to live and breath in nature.

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